Saturday, June 07, 2003

Word of the Day for Saturday June 7, 2003

fatuous \FACH-oo-uhs\, adjective:
1. Inanely foolish and unintelligent; stupid.
2. Illusory; delusive.

Publishers persist in the fatuous belief that a little
hocus-pocus in the front flap blurb will so dazzle readers
that they'll be too dazed to notice the quality of what's
on the pages inside.
--"A night in the city," [1]Irish Times, October 7, 1997

No enquiry, however fatuous or ill informed, failed to
receive his full attention, nor was any irrelevant personal
information treated as less than engrossing.
--Michael Palin, [2]Hemingway's Chair

A British first amendment would support religious freedom
by having nothing to do with Prince Charles's fatuous hope
to be the 'defender of all the faiths', but by
disestablishing the Church of England.
--Nick Cohen, "Damn them all," [3]The Observer, October 7,

Fatuous comes from Latin fatuus, "foolish, idiotic, silly."

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